Monday, 31 December 2012

Cotton Rose blankie

I started this blankie way back in the summer but then my youngest announced she wanted a ripple and I also bought some Artesano to make a Hexagon blankie with so poor Cotton Rose languished unfinished in a bag.

I decided the day before yesterday that I would finish her so spent hours and hours sewing in ends. last night I started in her border and finished her this morning.

She's smaller than I'd planned but to be honest I've had enough of her as the colours are quite flat by my standards.

I have loads of flowers left. I may make cushions or something with them although I'll use a different base colour or colours.

It's the Rico Aran Weight cotton so it's quite heavy.

Then I took her upstairs to photograph her with all my other blankies. There's one missing but that also is languishing unloved in my craftroom waiting for me to decide how to finish her.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Emily Button

....came to stay Christmas. She bought Bobble and Mousey with her.
She loves sitting in my yarn basket. Says she loves the colours.

Santa in Llanberis

We went to see Santa 2 weeks ago- in Llanberis. We travelled by Santa train to meet the great man by the side of Padarn Lake.
Next year I want to go at tea time- I'm sure the lights will be magical

Woo Hoo- I won a prize...

...over at Planet Penny.

I won a lovely prize- some gorgeous cotton deccies, these will NOT be packed away with the rest of my deccies, neither will Mousey mouse.

Do you know I used to blog an awful lot until last year when real life and blogland clashed and I closed my blog account totally. There was too much info about me and the kids on the net and we were under threat so I totally deleted my account. Since then I've hardly had time to think about my old blog life.

I started blogging when I scrapbooked- it was  a lovely way to record my crafting. But typically with scrapbooking there are lots of pictures of kids in the Layouts.

A couple of years ago I stopped scrapbooking and started crocheting and since then I've been quite quiet on the blog front. Hooking doesn't generate the same amount of craft as scrapbooking :).

My first project was my granny blanket

and I've made numerous blankies and cushions and bags and scarves.

I'll see if I manage to keep up with this new blog- I haven't done so well so far have I

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fantascot, ripple and stars

I love crocheting my blankies but sometimes I need instant gratification- well instantish. So here's the Fantascot. As seen on The CROCHET BUG'S blog- here.
Well I saw the Fantascot and decided I needed one. I had a stash of beautiful fibres that I'd bought on Rav. Wool, Alpaca, Silk. All in DK weight. Tension was hard to maintain due to the various fibres but blocking bought it all back into line.

Previously, I finished my Ripple. Well it's for my youngest. Once I had the hang of the pattern it was lovely to hook but starting was  a nightmare.

Also my Christmas Stars- hooked with Planet Penny cotton, starched to within an inch of it's life :)

Busy busy with my Artesano Hexagon. I'm going to run out of yarn soon so need to order some more. I'm hooking the inner circles first and then I'm going to join it all by crocheting the final round.

I also have a cotton flower blanket that needs finishing. I have loads of flowers and have joined loads of it together. I need to get both these finished next

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cotton blankie

I finished this blankie the other night. I started it 3 or 4 weeks ago and made the multi squares but got a bit peeved with sewing in the ends lol. I stopped when I'd reached 36 squares and then crocheted the single colour squares. I fly when hooking those so the blankie came together very quickly. I also used the join as you go method that my friend L showed me when she was visiting the other week.
I've used Rico Cotton Aran weight bought from The Cucumber patch . Their service is fantastic and the yarn arrives the following day.

I have just started another blankie, I'm creating flowers and then putting those into squares.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Blooming flower cushion

Attic 24 pattern, Debbie bliss cashmerino yarn. Quick make- took a couple of days

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New teapot cover

Look what arrived today from the talented Jill

And also s pic of moi with my blankie and new hook

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My pretties

Prior to hooking I papercrafted and had loads of tools and toys. With crochet you don't need a lot, just hooks, snips, tape measure and yarn. I've just found these hooks- Susan Bates, only available in America but I love them. I have numerous other hooks, far too many realistically as you only need one of each size but unfortunately I've loved then all along the way. I started with bamboo and then found prym but have since found these Susan Bates ones. The ones I buy have been adapted with polymer clay to thicken up the handle. I keep them together in my eldest daughter's discarded pencil case

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Isn't Wales beautiful?

Don't we live in a beautiful place

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Taa dah

My finished blankie. Made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Über soft and cuddly and warm. Has been fantastic to work with

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cashmerino blankie WIP

Here's my latest WIP. I started this after Christmas while I was waiting for a crochet club to start. I stopped it again after a few weeks while I carried on with the crochet club and then picked this up again a few weeks ago.  I'm on the border at the moment and will have a complete photo once it's finished :) It's so soft and is made form Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Welcome to my new blog. I have actually been blogging for many many years but I had to delete my online presence recently due to a mad stalker person. I do miss my blogging though.
I used to be a paper crafter but have been crocheting for a number of years now. My first project was an acrylic supersoft blanket and I have since created many other things. I also did some spinning and weaving but have recently sold my wheel and loom due to having no time to do either so now I just crochet or hook as it's also known
At the moment I'm busy crocheting granny squares for a friend and he children. Leigh recently lost her 9 year old daughter to acute myeloid leukaemia and there is a group of us who are friends online and we're making a blanket for Leigh and her two other children. A blanket had been made for Aillidh and she adored it and was buried with it.
Here are some of the squares i have made so far: