Thursday, 1 August 2013

Complete square

Nappies for sale

Am selling all the kids' old cloth nappies

All are immaculate, I'm not selling the wraps as they're getting on a bit but there's nothing wrong with the nappies themselves.

I have 4 ecobaby organic cotton nappies. Size toddler

I have 3 natural Tots Bots nappies size 2
4 Tots Bots pink nappies size 2
Also in this picture is 1 snuggle nap Pink
1 Easy Peasy nappies cream.
I have taken a photo of one of the insides but they're all this clean.
All these nappies need a wrap and a liner to use.

I have 2 TOTS BOTS Fleece wraps- the spotty and the stripes

i have 3 MINKI NAPPIES. The sheep one is bigger as it's for nighttime. They are all size 2. They need a stuffing to sue with them but no need for a wrap

I have 1 Kissaluv nappy that needs a wrap

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The hat

Has taken me all day. My own pattern. Just hope she likes it

First quarter complete

I've had to stop the cushion and crochet a hat for my mother in law. Hat now finished and also one of 4 squares for the cushion, ta dah

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Geometry class.

Isn't janie crow clever? This is my next little project, going to start it today. Hood to not be too long on it.

Sampler blanket

Made using cotton from the Crochet Crush kits that I've bought. 


My box of willows. A lovely project to carry around. All I need is a ball of Rowan, a hook and scissors and I'm good to go. I need to decide how to finish the final round but in the meantime I'm making the middles. Goodness knows how many ill need ;)

Finished Hexy

Completed my hex a while ago

Minnie's here

What's been happening here.
Well last Monday we collected Minnie from Castleford and she's settling in quite nicely.
In terms of Crochet I've fallen in love again with Rowan Glace Cotton and beading following a trip to a Janie Crow workshop in Warrington.

I've started a willow blanket pattern with aforementioned Rowan and am about to embark on a cushion as  alittle something to do in the garden. The willow is quite portable so I fancy a quicker something for more instant gratification lol.

Am a wee bit sad that I didn't sign up to the Janie Crow Crochet Club this year as it's absolutely beautiful. Here it is- not my work btw.

Monday, 27 May 2013

New addition

There'll be a new addition to the family in 7 weeks. Mini the miniature schnauzer. She's 2 weeks old at the moment

27th May

My last post was the 9th March- nearly 3 months have passed, god knows where.
Flat out busy at work and tired all the time. My hex is nearly finished- I have 4 hexs to go and then a border.
The wool took eons to come. Have started another blankie which is on hold until I finish my hex.
And in other news. We saw the Imperial Ice Stars perform Sleeping Beauty on Ice- what a treat. Am so impressed I've booked to go see them in Cardiff in November.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bit peeved

My hex has come to a standstill. I have some of the joining wool on order and it's out of stock at where I ordered it. I could have canceled and ordered somewhere else but we all thought any day, any day.

In the meantime I've finished this:

Waiting now for the red to arrive. I am loathe to start another one with this:

for the simple reason that I won't want to go back to the hexagon if I'm hooky hooky on my next project.

In other news I have a new car, Ian's going to have my old one.

Also selling Dora- we need the money for the extension.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

10 to go

Only 10 circles to go and then I've sewn the ends in on 120. I need to crochet the rest of them, hopefully I can get started tomorrow night.
Work is hectic. Be back soon

Friday, 4 January 2013

Sewing in

Gah. I've made 120 circles ready to convert into hexagons. I need another 120 circles before I start the blankie itself but I've run out of wool. I placed an order for some more and also some white to do the actual hexagon bit and also am planning on joining as I go. In the meantime I have 120x 4 ends to sew in and trim. I really should have sewed them in as I finished a group of 20.

This will be the final shape although I'm going to do the hex bit in white I think. Am also only half way through my circles. It generally takes a day to do 20 circles although that also involves lots of other things happening during the day like cooking, cleaning and entertaining the kids. I find that i don't get much done when I'm at work so next week production slows right down.

This is all I have left of my Artesano Superwash Merino- I ordered 4 balls in each colour. I've also got loads of other paler colours and had thought to make a blankie with all the colours but decided against that afetr all. I'll see how the white goes with the joining. It'll either make the jewel colours 'pop' or be horrific