Friday, 4 January 2013

Sewing in

Gah. I've made 120 circles ready to convert into hexagons. I need another 120 circles before I start the blankie itself but I've run out of wool. I placed an order for some more and also some white to do the actual hexagon bit and also am planning on joining as I go. In the meantime I have 120x 4 ends to sew in and trim. I really should have sewed them in as I finished a group of 20.

This will be the final shape although I'm going to do the hex bit in white I think. Am also only half way through my circles. It generally takes a day to do 20 circles although that also involves lots of other things happening during the day like cooking, cleaning and entertaining the kids. I find that i don't get much done when I'm at work so next week production slows right down.

This is all I have left of my Artesano Superwash Merino- I ordered 4 balls in each colour. I've also got loads of other paler colours and had thought to make a blankie with all the colours but decided against that afetr all. I'll see how the white goes with the joining. It'll either make the jewel colours 'pop' or be horrific

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