Sunday, 30 December 2012

Woo Hoo- I won a prize...

...over at Planet Penny.

I won a lovely prize- some gorgeous cotton deccies, these will NOT be packed away with the rest of my deccies, neither will Mousey mouse.

Do you know I used to blog an awful lot until last year when real life and blogland clashed and I closed my blog account totally. There was too much info about me and the kids on the net and we were under threat so I totally deleted my account. Since then I've hardly had time to think about my old blog life.

I started blogging when I scrapbooked- it was  a lovely way to record my crafting. But typically with scrapbooking there are lots of pictures of kids in the Layouts.

A couple of years ago I stopped scrapbooking and started crocheting and since then I've been quite quiet on the blog front. Hooking doesn't generate the same amount of craft as scrapbooking :).

My first project was my granny blanket

and I've made numerous blankies and cushions and bags and scarves.

I'll see if I manage to keep up with this new blog- I haven't done so well so far have I

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  1. Congratulations on being the winner, Heather! I'm sure you'll find your blogging mojo soon.
    When I was at a low ebb I found that blogging made me make things to blog about, and making made me blog about it, and you can see where that's got me!
    Lots of luck and best wishes for 2013
    Penny x